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How SIM Superdrive came to be.

SIM Superdrive was born off the back of Canterbury Motor Racing School and V8 Superdrive to serve as a means of Driver Training, or Enjoyment, for those wanting to learn the ropes of a specific track or car (Not just Local ones) with trained professionals, to ensure they excel when transferring skills to real world situations. A great example of where SIM Superdrive can assist you is training for something like the Bathurst 6 or 12 Hour. Far less risk and cost is involved getting you up to speed, a great way to hit the ground running when you hop in the real car for the first time.With the growing amount of DIY or at home simulator set ups it also allows our Profressional Drivers/Instructors to instruct you side by side from anyhwere in the world by simply joining a lobby with you on your software of choice!Chris Hyde (Owner of Canterbury Motor Racing School and V8 Superdrive) boiled up the idea to bring NZ Motorsport into the 21st Century… and what a great idea it was!

    Our system and what we offer.

    SIM Superdrive use only the best gear available when it comes to Simulators.

    This Simworx SX02 2 Motorsport Full Motion Simulator stands at full attention in our dedicated sim room.

    From a 20 or 40 minute play session, to full on driver training, we do it all, check out the Sim Superdrive "Shop Experiences" menu for more information on times and pricing.

    Why Simworx?

    Simworx SX02 V2 MS

    When selecting a Simulator Rig for SIM Superdrive the Simworx SX02 V2 Motorsport Full Motion Simulator was a no brainer! It is one of the most advanced full motion simulators on the market and is used by many of the top performing race teams like DJR Team Penske (Former, and current V8 Supercar Champions).


      Some Highlights of the SX02 V2 MS

      Unlike other Sims used for driver training, the Simworx SX02 V2 Motorsport Full Motion Simulator features real GT car inspired controls for the full immersive experience.

      Cobra GT3 Seat

      Feel everything through the seat, an absolute art that can be taught on the SX02. The Cobra GT3 seat keeps you snug so you can focus on feel and touch with the other controls.

      Pro Series GT Pedals

      Load cell pedals are an absolute must for any Sim. Luckily the SX02 has some of the best in the world. Learn proper pedal feel, application, and modulation with ease and accuracy. Only achievable with the Simworx Pro Series GT pedals.

      Pro Series Sequential Shifter

      Theres nothing like real feel in real time. Banging gears in a SEQ Box is a true art form that feels awesome when done right! Learn the right way with the Pro Series SEQ Shifter and feel like you’re in a V8 Supercar today. (Actually designed off a V8 Supercar SEQ Shifter).

      SimXperienceAccuforce Pro

      Sitting at the forefront of our Simworx SX02 V2 Motorsport Full Motion Simulator is a SimXperience Accuforce Direct Drive Wheel Base. The SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 “Complete” is a professional racing simulation steering system. When combined with today’s best racing simulation games, the AccuForce Pro is as close as you can get to driving the real thing !


        Z1 Dashboard

        Our Simworx SX02 V2 Full Motion Motorsport simulator utilises a Z1 Dashboard to keep the important information in front of you at all times. This also replicates the digital dashboards found in real GT cars! The Z1 is used by the best in the business, including Porsches own training simulators. It makes the perfect addition to our SX02 V2 Sim.

          Set Up to Suit You.

          We have a selection of steering wheels and shifter styles to ensure your time on the Sim is as beneficial as possible compared to your real world circumstances. From Paddle Shift to H-Pattern we’ve got you covered.


          Choose from the best software available!

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