Ultimate V8 Superdrive - Gift Voucher

Ultimate V8 Superdrive - Gift Voucher

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This package deal entitles the recipient to our Ultimate V8 Superdrive, including 2 laps with an instructor and 10 laps in the drivers seat.

What could be better than strapping on a helmet and driving a V8 unrestricted on a race track? After a full safety and technique briefing, get suited up in our approved safety gear and prepare to unleash yourself on the track.

Your professional instructor will drive the first two laps to demonstrate the lines and techniques required to drive the V8 around the track. Then swap seats and drive to really master the speed and skill of racing on the edge!

After your safety and technique briefing and getting race-ready in our approved safety gear, get ready for the ultimate V8 thrill. 

You get the choice on the day of slipping into a Holden, or Ford, for this adrenaline packed experience.

Package includes 10 laps (plus two laps with an instructor driving), insurance and $30 Fuel Tariff 

Please note: Manual Transmission experience required

Ultimate V8 Superdrive - Gift Voucher


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