Sim Superdrive Driver Training

Sim Superdrive Driver Training

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Full 1 on 1 Driver Training

Everyone in Motorsport knows the cheapest time you’ll get is time made up by Professional Advice/Training. Our 1 on 1 Driver Training will assist you to get the best out of your car and yourself. This package starts from 1 hour and is fully tailored to your needs and suits anyone from a beginner to professional driver. There’s even the chance to jump in a real race car to refine your skills even more. Check out some of the features below:

Professional Driver/Instructor

The pros have been there and done it before… porbably on one of the foreign tracks you choose too. So let them do the smooth talking and see the results speak for themselves!

Your Choice

Your choice of cars and tracks to help you master your goal. Maybe you’re off to the Bathurst 6 or 12 hour and need to hone your skills in.

See the Changes

With the split timing setup on the SX02 you’ll quickly be able to see improvements first hand on the spot.

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Sim Superdrive Driver Training


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